Sunday, June 12, 2005

Some more content from the class, this time a letter of introduction required as an assignment to a Professor from whom I've already taken a class. If I last all the way through these courses it will truly be a miracle.

Dear Dr. xxxxx,
I went into teaching because I feel a deep need to help others and a desire to assist people in the development of curiosity about learning that I seem to have been born obsessed with.
I am able to connect with young adults and children on a level that opens communication, and have demonstrated an ability to work with even the most stubborn or 'difficult' of young adults. This has lead to solicitations for help and work in a field that I feel 'makes a difference' and is worthwhile.
I don't think that much of what follows will come as a surprise to you, Dr. xxxxx, but here it is
As I have been drawn deeper into the what I (for good or ill) feel is the morass of pedagogical training, I have gotten more and more discouraged with my chosen field. My own confidence in my ability and talent receives blow after blow because of disagreement with and the distaste I feel for the Educational Establishment. Much or all of the data and research within the body of pedagogical scholarship has a place, but it and/or its presentation in most cases drives me to maniacal tears.
Please don't feel offended or annoyed with me, I know that you are far too intelligent for that sort of silliness, but the classes that I have taken out of obligation to Licensure have been, at best, drudgery to me. I enjoy your personality and the excitement you bring to your teaching, Dr. xxxxx. I thank you deeply for that.
Nevertheless, I continue to teach because there will probably always be those who fall between the large cracks in education's societal armor, as I am personal and at least pseudo-intellectual evidence of.
Very sincerely,
Adam Burningham

Please direct any offers of employment or suggestions for my imminent career-change to my email address.
Thank you.

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