Thursday, July 12, 2007

It rained hard on my way home from Manti, washing the guck clean from the Sanpete sky for a few hours. Tapering off as I got home, the torrent never quite returned as I had hoped, but it drizzled here and there throughout the late afternoon and evening.
The kids enjoyed gardening in the rain, and while I was puttering under the hood of on of our trucks, our neighbor, Vida, yelled at me from across the street.
"Oh, Adam!!"
She had that tone of voice she gets when she needs her television adjusted or her sprinkler line fixed, but when I finished pouring the oil into the crankcase and yelled back to see what she needed, she said something I couldn't register right off.
"I caught a lizard, you think the kids want to see it?"
After a few seconds it clicked.
Ha. My kids want to see a lizard? The only thing better would be a gallon or two of ice cream.
So they all ran up to talk with Vida and see her lizard. Her story included lots of startled jumping and broom whacking. She's quite a lady.
One of our ducks finally hatched her eggs, by the way. She's trundling her young ones about the back three quarters, hissing at anyone who gets too close. We're all delighted with this brood, but we're going to have to figure out a new use for some of these fine ducks, someday soon...

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good stuff, man...