Sunday, July 29, 2007

On a whim, we headed up the road to make a loop that neither Ryan nor I had ever made in one trip before, one which had some promise of small water, desert and mountains.
Ours was the pleasure of watching the rain fall in great torrents, splash playfully on the water, and evaporate before finding ground. We saw places that might hold fish, and others that held more than I've seen all summer. There were old bridges, long since abandoned to gravity's relentless tug and butterflies much to fast for me to photograph very well.
We were served food better than we've found in cafes all over the state, saw women, who just might have been vacationing for a spell from the beaches of Ipanema, strolling the sidewalks of a rural town in central Utah, and were lost and found from time to time on roads we'd never been on before.
Most of all, the road rose and fell, the sky darkened and lightened, and in the end, we were very glad to see Spring City after it was all too quickly over.


Lost Coyote said...

Great Pics...

RyanDavid said...

Excellent post! Just what I needed to start my day.