Wednesday, February 27, 2008

As implied in the previous post, the last weekend was a harried jaunt down to Arizona to to spend time with some of my natal family. My dad took some time out of his work to hang out with me, as did my little brother, and my mom fed and fed me until I couldn't much keep up with the gastronomic flow.

All in all, it was a sensory smorgasbord down there; the desert awash in green, not a bit of snow visible for miles, and I was happy to be out and about with my pop. The Sonoran is a wonder where it hasn't yet been paved over.


Heather said...

sounds like alot of fun...thanks for stopping by on your way home! it was good to see you!

Anonymous said...

Who'd you say the old geezer is?
Careful you don't end up looking like him.