Thursday, March 6, 2008

From a Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance solicitation I received yesterday.
February 2008
Dear Friend,
Arches. Bryce. Capitol Reef. Desolation Canyon. Zion.
You've seen southern Utah's soaring arches, magnificent buttes, and breathtaking canyons. You even may have visited them. Each view is truly unforgettable.

Yes. You may have even visited them. Indeed.
Because each view is truly unforgettable.
That's why we need your money; so that we can preserve your precious view, it's for your own precious damned convenience.
It's for nothing else; really, it's all about you, dear prospective contributor.

Let's not drum up support through love of the land, nor of the species inhabiting it, base it all on sentimentality and arouse yet another elitist cause célèbre.
Mind you, they didn't find me on some old roll of ancient and absent contributors or collaborators, they mined my information from some sticky-filthy bought-and-sold address list.
I don't have much respect for SUWA anymore, and that respect has been waning for quite a while.

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Coyote said...

Amen and Amen....

I have to say I love wilderness and wild places, but this whole thing is way to weird for me.