Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another trip to the Heart of the Earth.


Anonymous said...

Great pix.
Always enjoy.
Thanks for sharing your travels with such momentos.


english said...

yeah, wonderful photos! say, how come you always get to go to Yellowstone? (jealous)

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Adam,
Just stopping by to wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving season. Always a melancholic time of year for me, even after 16 years I still get homesick for my original place at this time. Guess I will have to take a walk in the mountains. There is so much to Thankful for though, and finding your place here is one! Kia kaha Adam!

adam said...

Thanks, eped.
As for why, I'm nost really sure. I sure use a good portion of resource to go up and come back, but I keep returning to the trail out of sheer love and yearning.
I'm almost always game to to contribute to a tank of incendiary that's meandering up there, so keep that in mind!

adam said...

Thanks, Robb. It's always a treat to see your words around these grounds, and I appreciate your perspective.
Glad you're posting, too, by the way. I'll try to follow your lead...