Thursday, November 13, 2008

Riding into town from work today, this will be followed fair quickly by a full moon through intermittant clouds.
Ah, like lemonade on a hot, dry day...


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous!
Beautiful country.


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Adam,
I love coming here to see the vastness and space, not to mention the stunning colours and visual impact. Makes me want to burst out in a verse of America the Beautiful!
So different from the relatively tighter construct of our narrow weather ridden mountains here in the north island, which are beautiful in a slightly subtler way. We roll towards summer here and I hear my gear whispering sweetly in my ear telling me of sunny tussock tops and the caress of the mountain rivers song. How can I resist that? Kia ora Brother, keep on truckin' !!

D'Arcy said...

As a Native of who has traveled to far off lands and lived in different countries, it is still the sunsets of Utah that capture my heart and spirit more than any other place on earth. It's amazing that we get to witness these moments each day, isn't it??