Saturday, December 31, 2011

Onward, ho!

It's been a good twelve months.
I find myself answering people when they ask me how things are going, "The kids are healthy and as happy as they can be and they sure make me feel happy, too." That makes sense to me.
The mountains were beautiful this year, all year long; from last winter's thick snowpack to the summer's long beginning and ardent wildflowers and the long autumn starting with a quick temperature slam that froze the bones of the high country followed by a long slide into this odd, dry winter's beginning.
I've been grateful for the desert, too.  We took some fine trips out into the sage and red rock, too; the weather in the mountains treated the high deserts just the same. There was color and abundant movement of the wildlife living there.
We enjoyed our little house and garden like we haven't in years. Drie's leadership in that department has really come into its own and the kids really took pride in their individual plants and crops.
There were setbacks and a general feeling of isolation, too, but when I think on the kids, things are going better than I'd ever thought possible when Drie and I set off on this grand experiment.
Happy New Year to you, and may the reflection and results of each day therein bring you joy that carries forward into whatever eternity you hope for.


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"Onward, ho!", indeed.
Nice piece.