Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thoughts in Winter

Spent the week preparing for the spring semester of teaching to begin at Snow; plenty of time comparing old syllabi and what I hope to make happen in my classroom this coming term. I've noticed how rapidly I ramp up the writing toward the end of the semester, to the point of making things a little difficult on freshmen realizing that they procrastinate too much in all classes. I dialed it down a little, but not too much...
I'm glad that the day's getting longer, and even though it's been quite warm and dry 'round here, it's good to have some hope for the way things are headed. Speaking of hope, I do look forward to a change of weather for at least a couple of months here, but it's always good to have a little light and progression toward equinox.
We spent some time up at the cabin this week, too, looking for things that need to be done to finish it (after sixteen years of diddling at its construction) or seal it up where the squirrels and mice have made a shambles.  The stoves need to be put where they should be, too. Lots of soffit, fascia and staining.

But the place is nice. You can go about anywhere for at least thirty miles 195 degrees east of the place and see no one and no sign but prints and tracks here and there, and hear not much but the snow, the wind and the odd un-migrated bird this time of year.
It does a heart good to be out with its dog and a whistle on its lips.

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Anonymous said...

Lone wolf, at home in the wild.
May he enjoy in the fullness of his time.