Thursday, May 9, 2013

2013 Troubled Youth Conference Opener

Steven C. Teske was the keynote for the 2013 TYC here at Snowbird. A fair loud (seriously) man, he spoke on ideas and ideals that I have argued and practiced for years in the field of education. Rather than the 'tough guy' approach that is tried and not-so-true, he advocated for a soft-skills approach to help kids who are asking for help and intervention though inappropriate behaviors and actions stay away from hard-core offenses and focus the more tough attention on the real predators who need more time and resources when they offend or stir trouble.
Some of the ideas are a bit high-intensity for a rural setting like mine, but the numbers he cited reflect decreases in crime, recidivism, and increase of individual involvements in crime. Across the board, including within law enforcement (SRO), the use of understanding and decrease of 'bullying' and intimidation techniques with lower-intensity offenders has made a difference in their schools and communities.
A wikipedia article on Restorative Justice, germane to the man's subject.

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