Friday, May 10, 2013

Final Plenary Session

Coming upon the big, final session this afternoon. It's usually quite good, but I'm not much in the mood for these big celebratory yammer-fests as of late.
Generally, these 'motivational' instructive situations make me uncomfortable and bring up angst and criticisms of the forum and in my mind as I listen.
After my experiences of the past four or five years, I would really like to just not need to interact regularly with anyone in society for a few years. No one.  Just brush up against personalities, spread cheer as I might, and move on. Like many past trips to Yellowstone country- if someone is friendly or compatible, see if something sticks. In reality, that's only another of my idealistic, very unlikely constructs. Generally, people are too busy and involved in their tribes and families for such transient connections.
I wonder how many people have sentiments similar to this. How many humans feel this desire to disconnect with what they perceive as a opposing force working to put its ideas, images, interests and security ideals forward and above those held by the 'idealistic' individual. Hopefully not very many; it's not often an easy place to operate from.


Amoniel said...

I don't think it's an unlikely construct, the hope for swift, deep connection with a person you will probably never meet again. In my short life, I've had a few instances of the sort, and a few of those people stuck, and stuck fast. I guess your wish is deeper than that, though to "not need to interact regularly with anyone in society for a few years". Much deeper than that.
I rather believe that more people than before have sentiments similar to this. it may be a difficult place to operate from, but it might become easier as more people flow to it?

ghreeblestaff said...

Nicely put, Bryn. Intuitively thought out and logical. Much of what i write here is emotional blather, but there is much in the way of hope. Your analysis does a good job of response to my questions.