Sunday, October 12, 2014

Between Thought

Shared at The Granary today.

In between thought
as between dreams or meditations
the gravitation of compassion exerts pull
from behind clouds and mists of the forgotten.
But, then, I misspeak as only a child can
after a lesson on death or starvation-
this can often emerge as one just having appeared
from darkness or obscurity
with arthritic joints and like movement...

Exhale and inhale
take and give
pause, and then, surrender.
This is rather than what has been
for so long with so little proof,
since, as every dog runs from its master at some point for a time,
our own thoughts, dreams and meditations
might not come back, at some point, of their own accord.

And this for a time-
so, too, that for some time;
meanwhile, we may as well embrace the
coming of the Lord
as from behind some cloud
or beneath a rock,
but again, I misspeak-
as only a child can,
after this lesson of light and nourishing bread;
hold and then

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