Friday, September 17, 2004

The rest of the trip was rather matter-of-fact, cruising down the road to get home as quickly as we could without making ourselves any more crazy than we had become.

We stopped once or twice in the park, we can hardly help ourselves when there's an elk herd just sitting there, not running away from our merest sight or scent. This one was counted by Jerusha to be twenty one, twenty nine or thirty something members. She loved the shifting qualities of the animals, and began guessing at the presence of animals by any extra legs or ears poking up or down from the bunch.

It was hard to leave the park. It always seems wrong to leave a place so soon that we had worked so hard to get to. In spite of the fact that we were, in effect, going in the wrong direction, the joy of the return to hearth and home soon grew to eclipse the incongruity of our direction.

We stopped only in West Yellowstone for a couple of gallons of gas and again in Malad to fill up the tank and our stomachs. If you're ever in Malad, go to the Chevron/Burger King. Not the TacoTime/whatever the heck it is across the street. Bleah.

I even spent a half an hour in Layton, trying to fix the dern brakelights to no avail. I cursed and changed the brake signal switch up under the dash, but couldn't get a change.

We drove the rest of the way home, without a stop. It took about forty five minutes before I could speak civilly to my fellow tripmates, but I cooled down eventually after the time spent scraping knuckles and banging my head under the dash for absolutely nothing.

After that, everything was fine. We enjoyed the last couple of hours talking about our adventures and planning new ones. Hopefully the next trip up there will be longer, but to tell you the truth, I would have a hard time holding back running up there this afternoon if the month's money weren't almost completely drained by last week's trip.

Oh yeah. The day after we got home, I got this email from Ryan:

Hey, before you spend money, may-haps you should check the other bulb,

we only checked the driver's side bulb, and if the other one is toast

it may not complete electricity's path.

And it may be wise and cheap just to try replacing both bulbs anyway,

those things could be toast with their toastiness hidden from human


Just a suggestion.

And that's just what it was. We never got around to checking the other lamp. It never occurred to me that my Toyota operated under the same principals of electrical wiring as a string of cheap sixties or earlier string of Christmas lights. Thank goodness for Ryan. No thanks to all the shops and autoparts stores!

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