Monday, September 13, 2004

Time? What time. No amenable time has presented itself until now for this log, so do I now put forth an account of our weekend...

Friday was the day of decision and vehicular hijinx, with lots of last-minute tweaks and checks on the 4-Runner and a reluctant decision to put the top back on. That was solidified by the admission that if we didn't take at least one kid with us, the trip would be a waste of time in a karmic sense. After much dithering around and frustration with various aspects of our poor planning regime, we left town at around 7:45 at night, as the last light of the day fled from before my pitted windshield.

The long drive through the Utah and Salt Lake Valleys in the late evening reminded us again why we do not live up there anymore. The freeway at nine and ten o'clock pm was as I remember it at six pm when I was a youth.

The rest of the way was an pleasant path, punctuated by deer on the roadside and Claude Challe & Ravin over the loudspeakers.

Our beds were made near Station Creek on the Snake River, parking at a boat put-in and sleeping in the truck.

After a good, solid two hours of sleep, we roused and took our nourishment from bottles and a few packages.

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