Friday, May 12, 2006

Another beautiful day at one of the best intersections of man's ingenuity and pure, unrivaled natural beauty.
Yesterday evening was wonderful. I met a number of friendly, urbane, incredibly intelligent people. My friends Lishaun and her good husband, Brody invited me over to their home for a barbeque along with seven or eight of their friends and their children. Lots of fun, and I learned much from each of them. I hope I didn't make too much a nuisance of myself, sometimes when it's been a while since I've met new, interesting people, I run at the mouth and the opinions.
I got up here a bit late, the bed at Brod and L's house was far too comfortable. They sent a quantity of great little girl clothes and implements home with me, and I hadn't enough room in the 'Runner to stow away for the night in, so I availed of their hospitality over night. Very good hospitality, to boot. I owe them a debt of gratitude, for sure.
I also noticed some of the complexities of city life. They are far too perplexing for me to get used to with the small amount of time I spend in cities. It seems that I just don't get many of the formalities and don't understand many of the codes of life in the bigger cities, and I can get a bit bogged down in their decoding and navigations. That took me a bit more time this morning, as well, to go through and process on my way too and fro this morning.
On the way up the canyon, I picked up a young lady at the mouth thumbing for a ride to work. We engaged in small talk as we wended our way through the canyon, stopping to let all of the more advanced cars pass my put-put from time to time. She mentioned that her boyfriend was from Bountiful when I said I was originally from there, and I happened upon him behind the counter in a store in The Cliff Lodge. I happened to figure out his relationship to the fine young lady because of a passing comment he made while I was bantering with him.
His name is Griffiths, and while he went to Woods Cross High seven years after me, he said that both of his parents graduated from Bountiful in the early sixties. His parents probably knew mine, since both of mine graduated in that era from that fine institution. It's an amazing, strange small world we live in, and even if they have no apparent cosmic rationale at the time, some things are singular in their synchronicity. I wish I understood more about why. I love this kind of stuff.

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