Thursday, May 4, 2006

My name is Adam Burningham. I am an addict of procrastination. I can't stand doing things that will be undone in what seems an instant.
I don't like to mow the lawn, it will be dead again in a couple of months, what will seem then like an instant. Why should I waste precious life energy on such as that?
I can't stand reglazing windows, either. They will be broken again, any minute. There was a reason that said window was broken, and chances are, that problem hasn't changed or grown up yet. Why spend hours on something that will be undone in what seems an instant?
Oh. And Christmas lights. I understand putting them up, they are pretty and bring much life into wintertime, but why take them down again? It will be Christmas in what will seem days, and then I'll have to put them up again when it's cold. What's the use in that?
It's all for the neighborhood and town busybodies, isn't it? They need something to change, to complain about, to frown about and to bring up during beautification meetings. They need more jobs and outlets for their abundant silly energy and landscaping appetites. They can come over to my house and do all of the dumb jobs. I'll go on a bike ride or write a poem.
This is a stupid Procrastinator' Anonymous meeting, anyway. I'm outta here.

Yeah. The Christmas lights finally came down yesterday evening. Kinda pathetic, neh?

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