Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm in the keynote session of the Utah Troubled Youth Conference at Snowbird and in the midst of one of my annual places of self-examination and deep-breathing.
I got up late and dithered way too long at the house, but at least I got here sort of on time.
As I walk around and observe, I see that so many of these people in my field are very gregarious and outgoing, I am an anomaly- here alone, usually quiet and without anyone to gab or discuss things with. Most are here with groups, sponsored by their agency or business, and I am just here floating around like a spectre on my own dime and planning on sleeping in the 'Runner. Each year, I try to talk with people, to strike up conversations, and make a new friend or associate or two, but It hasn't worked too well in the past few years or so. I'll try again, assuming that I need to change some assumptions or approaches this year, but who knows; I might not have the energy for it when opportunity presents itself. We'll see.
It's fascinating to just examine my relationship to the rest of the world as it presents itself.

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