Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dear Honorable Senator Hatch:
I am extremely frustrated by your vote against the Energy Act on the tenth of this month. President Bush rallied opposition to the bill back in February to avoid further escalation of gas prices.
Current policy toward oil companies has failed and those companies and speculators are reaping huge rewards at the expense of already cash-strapped American citizens.
Please enter a real debate about solutions to the energy situation.
I am a rural Utahn, a teacher and a father of eight children. Rural life presents its own set of challenges, among them the need for affordable fuel with far-flung destinations and complete lack of public transportation.
Please consider paying closer attention to shifting part of this burden to those making rampant profits.

Just another in a long line of letters to my congressmen that have probably just fallen down deep holes in the office, but optimism dictates continued efforts.

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