Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hovering, just above
Only now the focus
only now the focus is
The focus has become important to us;
we see arches overhead
like Adolphe Crémieux, wearing the hat of courtesy in spite of political winds.
The bolt slides home from that very point within truth's serrated bosom
and in the time it took,
hope has flown south with the tide.

Yours is the conscience
and the count well beyond four.
Imagine: a view over a fractured valley,
hidden from so many
only by distance, more than by barrier-
the light bright beyond memory
and color as vivid as the contrast in the best black and white.
Please notice the figures hovering just above the promontory: I know you missed them until now;
they are your greatest fears, your only choice between stop and continue-
truth and reverse.

Make the move.
Walk in pleasure and faith;
pluck the fruit as you see fit and shave the forested brow beyond
or grant your fondest and most horrible wish-
the choice isn't nearly so stark as you might imagine;
dreams ours for the asking and blades spring from the very deck from which
are dealt those dreams.
Light will shine from one of those doors,
simply keep your mind trained on just desserts.

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