Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So much medicine which surrounds is poison

So unresolved, so unredeemed-
crushing were the blows and frightening the face
presented to the overwhelming foes.
Though the beat measures on,
and my tripping heart remains a sieve to your feet beside my feet-
crossing wires and freezing heights
cast the shadow of doubt upon this gospel.

Pain pops amidst the languor-
like a rebent knee gone to the left
or to the right,
The correct response would be to dive deep
to just below the bottom
or, at least where emotion reaches a climax
and blood boils as a response.

Having crouched
to kiss the stone
as tremolo voices provide a reassuring whisper,
I ask: "Was that a spirit or a ghost?"
And you know.
Our string has been plucked;
oh, yes, I will be seated, and I will wait until you cry out in unmeasured response
to the dulled pain repeated again and again.
And again.


Lost Coyote said...

I like the text, keep it coming...

adam said...

Why thank you, we'll see if the stopper stays loose...