Friday, May 7, 2004

Another beautiful, overly-warm morning up here in the canyon. Unfortunately, my dear principal's snore kept me up at critical junctures in the night, but I think I'll come out alright. My eyes should deflate as the day goes by.

I'll be absent for the remainder of the day after this entry, as I don't really feel like spending another ten buckaroos to keep this connection for another five or six hours. I'm not an on-the-go businessman,needing to keep his edge and productivity up with tax-deductible expenditures on connectivity necessary to my bottom line. I'm just a goofy teacher fascinated with technology, writing and information. Ten dollars will buy a book or two or a bunch of food for the fam.

The sun's about to come up over the east wall. It's a vagabond for beauty's capitalist paradise.

I'll be listening and taking photos in the meantime. 'Til later!

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