Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Another dashed-off post, please forgive. Tomorrow should be plenty and plenty good, at that.

Brynni seems to be hitting some difficult emotional growth stages, she has been having breakdowns in communication with her mom. But here in the house of much therapeutic aids and teaching resources, we sat her down to an introductory lesson in "crucial conversations," a course in crisis management through communication and understanding where communication comes from and why in both sides of a situation. I hope she survives this house, I hope they all do. A bunch of nutty people living together, that's what we are.

Life seems to be going way too fast for me, I feel like I am constantly running at full speed. If at the time things don't seem fast, as soon as I sit to reflect on events that have passed, it seems all a blur. I need to work on that. I hope you have figured out that problem in your own life.

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