Monday, May 24, 2004

Searching for a washing machine: There are quite a few choices out there as far as clothes washers go. If you go to sears, that is only the half of it, although it is a good half. Then, if you search a fair bit on the web, one finds such gems as the Staber, a top-loading front load hybrid made by a small company in Ohio. And yes, all the good stuff sure costs a lot, at least just out of the reach of a reasonable family-minded teacher.

I'm still fighting the state regulators, trying to find someone with a willingness to look at the program I'm looking at and at least speak intelligently with me, instead of spouting official rhetoric and phone-tag numbers.

Last week of school, so there will be much red ink spilled and frantic typing. I hope your week looks better than that. Red ink can be hard on a person's psyche, and I do hate being another brick in the wall sometimes.

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