Thursday, May 6, 2004

I'm outside right now, at this very minute, watching Little Cottonwood Creek rush past just below me. WiFi is tre cool.

I was just sitting here doing just that, when I noticed a little marmot down toward the creek. He was doing his business, looking for food and gathering ho matierials. I decided to try to affect him, using noises to attract his attention. As soon as I started, he stopped what he was doing and looked my way. He then made his way toward me, stopping to listen every time I made the noise. When he was about six feet from me, he stopped and watched me intently, as I intermittantly made the noises. We sat and regarded one another for at least five minutes.

I don't know if he was reacting to something he had heard before, or if he associated my noises with proffered food from human sources, but I sure enjoyed our interaction. It's been way too long since I really interacted with a wild animal in that manner.

The stream is still running past, and the music of that stream continues from here up and down the mountain, too.

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