Tuesday, November 8, 2005

I've been mulling over a few ideas since receiving word of my impending time off after December, and one of them is another web site apart from this one.
While I was up in Yellowstone during the UEA weekend, I started thinking about a Yellowstone-related project that I could use as a vehicle to keep myself interested in life in general during the following winter. Something that might serve as a foundation for future projects and ideas.
The Yellowstone Fellowship is the present form of that idea. I've got Ryan David graciously helping me with some basic page architecture and graphics and I'm throwing around ideas about the community and services aspect of the site.
It should turn out to be a good resource of non-commercial information and contacts for the greater Yellowstone area, and hopefully it will keep me more connected with the area that I have developed such a love for over the past couple of decades.

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