Monday, November 7, 2005

Well, there it is.
One of the bigger reasons for my more recent bloggy silence, my walking papers from the school district effective 01 Jan 06. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, indeed.
The rumors and heresay began a couple of months ago and culminated with this letter from a couple of weeks ago.
North Sanpete School District has recently decided that the scale and scope of our little alternative high school has outstripped their vision for the cooperative project. Other opinons include that the district has outstripped their own ultra-conservative financial outline for special programs other than athletics, but who knows. All I know is that our full-time administrator and I are not returning to the school effective with the new year.
I was quite nervous and apprehensive with all of the politics, rumor and local press that has accompanied this process, and when the final news finally came out, it was after a few days of relative joy that accompanyed a false report of full funding of the school that came of some strange numbers jockying by North Sanpete and incomplete reportage. The news, even after all of the preparation and instability, came as a bit of a surprise.
My energy level has been somewhat low during this whole process, and the written word has been fairly slow in coming. I've done all I could to keep going to work and taking the classes mandated by my inane alternative licensure program.
We'll see what happens with job prospects, but thankfully I have my Electronic High School job until at least July. After that, we'll see what happens with the next crop of Legislative oversight and funding and State Board recommendations, but it imparts wiggle room to our little ship.
We'll just have to see, neh?

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