Saturday, July 30, 2011

To the Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz:
In general, I find your ways of legislating and voting on legislation reprehensible and extraordinarily self-centered.
Your exhibited skills of critical thinking and issues weighting exhibit a flair for the circus-tent and high school class governance mannerisms.
Please consider legislating for the good of people and the nation in general, not only for special interests and stubborn, money-loving, security-craving, ignorance-bolstering far-right illusionists.
This Debt Ceiling debacle and especially the congress' deportment during said issue absolutely disgusts me.
Thank you or whomever skims over this for your time and consideration.
Adam Burningham
Sent on 30 July 2011
8:27 am

Ah well. At least I am trying to stay engaged. I know it's terribly general and lacking in any solutions. At this point, I feel that anything constructive is blown off. I just wanted to express my disgust without just saying 'you disgust me', or anything so absolutely juvenile.
It feels so disenfranchising to live in this part of the nation, and really, the world, right now.

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