Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thoughts on Belief and Hope

Expansion of one’s basis of thought, or at least expanding one’s understanding of his or her beliefs is fundamentally difficult, especially in this particular society.
The Law of Conservation of Resources, one of the bases upon which human survival and success hinges upon, dictates that we spend as little time and energy upon that which demands the least attention to maintain and more upon that which requires that energy in order to maintain life and ‘progress’ of the self or species.  Thus, our own ordering of the cosmological universe, so important to many early in life because of relative importance in the perspective of youth and newness, is ratcheted down in that preeminence as our inner perspectives come into some sort of focus and equilibrium with the outside world and society. 
For some, however, that equilibrium is never really reached, or is kicked out of an earlier, perhaps less-than-inclusive continuum with the rest of one’s society at large. When that happens, the universe is not at rest, nor is it easy to bring into a focus or harmony between the individual and his or her community.
The conflict between society and the individual is difficult for both parties; the community often perceives the individual at conflict as insane, anti social, or worse, while the individual attempting to come back into harmony with their place in the universe can feel conflicted, alone, and often, betrayed by their newly out-of-synch system of belief and those yet in adherence to that system.
To be continued…
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