Monday, August 29, 2011


I originally bought my auto and home insurance locally when we moved back to Spring City, trying to at least deal with local people and keep a couple of the dollars close to home.
First, my auto agent sold his "business" to a gentleman in Salem, Utah, a place about fifty miles from here with a much larger economy than we have here in Sanpete. Then, four years later, the Salem guy sold me downstream to another agent in Provo, around seventy miles away and upscale in economy and otherwise than even Salem.
A similar thing happened recently to my homeowner's insurance. The agent went independent and sold his business to a lady in Gunnison, a place forty miles south of here. Not much in the way of economic change form here, but it is a step up.  I'm just waiting for her to sell us south to Richfield or Cedar City, remaining true to the trickle-up theory that I see digressing with even my dumb insurance policies and money that goes into them.
Seems pretty normal to me in the grand scheme these days.


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Kia ora adam
"Business is business and business must grow"
- The Lorax