Wednesday, August 8, 2001

hey y'all-

got some news for you 'uns today. drie and i had a brainstorming session this morning with our friend Brad (no seizures involved, brits) and came up with a new concept. we are working to bring about a new service, called "intuitive counselling and development." i will be the main "facilitator" and it will be an informal healing and councilling outreach. people will be able to take advantage of it in exchange for barter or a mutually agreed half-hourly rate. the main idea is to help people to realize thier own potential for growth and healing and enable them to bring it out of their own soul and heart. each has this ability to intuit, subconciously and conciously finding answers and solutions to both great and small problems. the best part of this ability is the part that God and the Divine play in showing these individual paths to the individual her or himself. but hey, i am starting to blather...

the kids have enjoyed a day of pool antics, and though it is right now sprinkling and cool outside, they got nice sunburns for their fun and out-of-doorsness around noon. they are having a summer o' bliss, splendid examples from them every day.

a dear friend of ours has put up a new site in the msn conglomerate. his name is Ryan David MacEgan and you can check out his creative efforts at Ataritron. Enjoy your meanderings!

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