Tuesday, August 21, 2001

what a day was yesterday. after the whole wacky first day back to work at school and an evening of shaking off a headache, i was washing out an old pop bottle i had found at Drie's grandma's. as a fairly inquisitive and sometimes dangerous and silly person, i began inserting the nozzle in the neck and pressurizing the bottle until a "cloud" of sorts formed inside, at which time i would release the pressure with a small 'pop' of mist and spray. i reckon i went too far with the pressure build up when the damn bottle burst in my fool face, thus causing this lovely result. please don't try this stunt at home folks, ever.

second day of work: not much happened of consequence besides the sheer joy of making up new stories to explain my laceration and thereafter admitting to the truth when the fabrication doesn't satisfy curiousity. silly humans. why couldn't i be sabre-dueling to defend the honour of ladies of the realm??? eh???

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