Friday, August 24, 2001

school has started anew. on Monday i should have at least eight kids to help make up several quarters of eighth grade work so they can enter high school as bona-fide ninth graders. as the year progresses, i receive the students that are not making the grade academically, socially, or emotionally in the high school's regular classes. this is my work and my story, to bring to pass all this silliness and survive. At least one of my students is a very limited english speaker and i am working with him on pre-algebra concepts. all from scratch. anyway...

drie and i had our tenth anniversary yesterday the twenty-third. it was a day of work, followed by my giving my love a bouquet of flowers, shortly followed by my leaving to go prune and remove rosebushes untill sundown to supplement my currently $200 monthly deficeit in spending on absolutely nothing but debt from school, minimal groceries and gasoline so that i can teach at-risk and "fragile" kids how to make it in our out-of-balance and uncaring society. make sense?

on top of it all, we live in a poor old house that if we were so strange and odd as to be "terrible" god-fearing polygamists, it would be no doubt be called "dilapidated" in the media accounts.

wah, wah, grumble, grumble.

i promise to be happy and more white-washed next time.

enjoy your day!

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