Friday, August 10, 2001

it's friday and it's been a good week. lots has been done, some has been learned and much has been experienced. i've been out pruning trees and bucking limbs with a friend, thus making a few extra dollars. this is good inasmuch that the summer is pretty much over and i won't get much time for supplemental income very often.

another good thing to look forward to is going up to Logan next Tuesday the fifteenth for Dustin Crawford's wedding. the money i have earned should be good to have when taking care of a family on the road. We hope to get some hiking and canoeing in up there, we do love to get out on the water for some paddling action.

we found a little white praying mantis in the house the night before last, that is about all the graphic info i have to share today.

it has been raining quite a bit lately, especially up in the mountains. 'tis a treat to have them green and verdant this late in the summer, i hope to post some more images of mountain adventures before long.

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