Thursday, July 22, 2004

And for today? Pool filling, garden tending and skewampus schedules.

The kids wanted to get out the pool yesterday, but I was way too slow on the draw to make it happen. By the time I got around to it yesterday, it was four thirty in the afternoon and the thunderclouds were abundant on every side. So, as so often happens in the life of a parent, the intonation of "tomorrow" put the day of reckoning off at least one more day.

I got on it pretty soon today though, realizing at around 11:30 that things were going to be at least as tough as yesterday because the two plugs for releasing, and therefore by the same token, retaining the air had been misplaced by some mischievous gremlin (read: silly father) the last time it was used. I really dislike having to jerry-rig things, mostly because at least three-fourths of that which we own are at this point jerry-rigged or destined to become such within one or two seasons, so I searched and looked and scanned about every place I know of wherein I stash things in a pinch.

There was no luck to be found in said activity, so out came the plastic bags and duct tape and the pool was plugged and filled with air and soon after, water within twenty minutes.

The kids were delighted.

Meanwhile, Drie worked in our poor little garden and herb patches, working herself into exhaustion and a sunburned face. Give that girl respite from watching kids, and she'll find something else almost as taxing if you don't keep a close eye on her. She had fun, though, and always has fun digging in the "soil" around our house in the hopes of a better year next year.

Are you getting the idea about the odd scheduling around here? Next year, tomorrow, in a minute and pretty soon are when everything gets done here, and jerry-rigging or mahoobajobbying are the how. We're lucky anything gets done or stays that way, so we'll see if we're ever finished with anything. I'm not holding my breath.

Happy 24th weekend if I don't get back on until Saturday or so.

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