Wednesday, July 28, 2004

As a continuation from yestereve, the funeral was informative and very unifying to the family and friends of my grandfather. My dad did the life summary, all of his worrying the day before moot because of his great job in the role. All of grandpa's children did a fantastic job of describing him and his accomplishments. They talked of his sense of humor, and his dedication as a father, soldier, worker and firefighter. One of his nephews with a long association with grandpa spoke at length about who he really was and about his dedication and service.

At the graveside, a "last call" was put out by the Bountiful City dispatch with a moment of silence and a note of his service to the city. That's where I lost it finally, there is something about those who work for the common good with a shared cause and camaraderie, when one moves on, they know how to pay tribute. Too bad teachers don't have that. Heh.

We all ate as LDS people do after the services, shoveling in copious amounts of potatoes, ham and cake. The conversations at these gatherings are well worth the time and good food, it's a place to just breathe and talk if one feels the need. My brothers and sister were there, and they are fun to be with and to watch interacting with the rest of the family. We're all very different, but it's easy to see the similarities when we're all together.

At my aunt and uncle's house later on in the evening, most of the family got together, eating my mom's ice cream and sharing stories and a video the church made of grandpa for a conference talk a few years back. That was fun to see. He played an old farmer in his garden. Tres apropos.

Just about everyone was spent early on after an emotional day, so we took off with the first wave around ten o'clock.

About all that happened yesterday was the big annual trip to the Centerville Deseret Industries to replenish the kid's wardrobe, and the big trip home.

It's amazing how much family can make one feel a sense of belonging. Isn't that really what we're on this planet for? To belong and feel connected, to serve and enjoy being appreciated.

That about sums up the last few days.

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