Saturday, July 17, 2004

The presentation went fine. There weren't crowds beating down the door barred because of overflow or anything like that, but we enjoyed doing our little thing and talking with those concerned with kids like our students.

Cedar City is beautiful. Lots of trees with an amazing group of mountains behind and stunning desert in front. SUU is a great campus, with a good faculty and a damn good Shakespeare program. I thoroughly enjoyed my short time there...

But on Thursday, after the presentation, a quick hamburger and a celebratory trip up to Kolob Reservoir with Ryan and his dad, I was slammed with an awful case of food poisoning. Just as we were getting off the lake, I started feeling pretty crappy. By the time we left, I was pretty sure I was in trouble, so I concentrated hard on moving stuff through my system without involving ejecta in the situation with a moving car.

I made it to the hotel (barely) and got into the tub with a sigh of both relief and exasperation. The night was one spent without sleep for many and various reasons, knowing that I would have to drive home at some time the next day.

I survived the night and gratefully felt much less sick by morning. Unfortunately, my muscles, head, back and more importantly, my energy level, didn't fare as well. I headed to the conference late, but while selecting a session to attend, I surmised I might as well head out as soon as possible to avoid wasting time phasing in and out of concentration in a classroom. Bleah. That's hard enough with normal levels of sleep, nourishment and desire.

Read the highly informative signage on this one after clicking... Buh ha ha.

It was a pretty trip home. I did lots of deep breathing and a few minutes on the side of the road with eyes closed, though.

I'm not really sure how I made it, but I did. And here I am absent-mindedly typing away, wondering why I haven't called the silly restaurant to inform them that they ruined my last hopes of sleep and some relative relaxation at the conference.

Perhaps tomorrow. Silly teenagers.

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