Monday, July 12, 2004

Today started out with a trip into Ephraim to get a stripped bolt hole fixed on the Toyota. Some more repairs on the truck that was supposed to have been rebuilt a couple of years ago. Ha.

After that, I headed over to the Snow College Library to pay a fine incurred from overdue videos at the chaotic end of the year. I have thrown too many dollars into the library system in my life because of fines. They probably won't be the last either, as I have resolved after at least a half of those fines to not do it again. And in spite of the fact that I know almost all of the librarians there, one can call to renew, and one can renew three times on line, I still get late fines. It has something to do with having children, I'm sure.

Richard and I got together for a strategy session on the presentation down in Cedar at the Rural Schools Conference on Thursday as well. We've been thinking about this thing for at least two months, and it took us until T-minus three days to get anything serious coordinated. Yes. Teachers are pretty good procrastinators. I get a pretty big rise out of pulling things off at the last minute and it probably comes from all the years of school I've been to and all the students I've had to help through the last minute hurdles. It's got to be the rush. It burns serious B-vitamins, though.

I had to rush home before we were finished to be able to watch the furnace repairman fix our little heater. Now I probably won't have to call him again, bless his heart. Stallings is good about that, helping people afflicted with terminal money shortage disease to do things by themselves if they possibly can. Now, the house is almost ready for winter! Well, there's always the subject of the leaky roof. Neh, tar will be the solution again, more than likely.

Other than that, a day at home with the family. At home with the swamp cooler on high, feeling groovy that the coal-burner is clean and stocked and the heater is fixed, in the middle of July.

Kinda odd. But it makes me feel good.

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