Sunday, July 18, 2004

Ryan, Paul, a few of our kids and I made it down to Thousand Lakes Mountain this afternoon for a bit of fishing and gazing. This is a beautiful place, and though I wasn't able to coax any fish onto my line, we had a great time.

Here's the lake from the northeast.

Same lake, looking west.

The party, getting ready to head out to the sound of booming thunder in the not-too-distance.

The view from a place just east of the lake called Merril's Cabin. Merril is Paul's dad.

He and his brother spent the summers here from when he was thirteen years old until he moved away from home cutting timber and working the mountain. This is where they had their sawmill and cabin. A magnificent place.

Wild strawberry plant.

Rain advancing up the mountain.

The mountain we were on is out there in the distance. In the valley is a nice fishing stream if you can catch them unawares in clear water.

A pelican taking off from Johnson Reservoir, just north of Fishlake. It's fun to see them hanging out in high mountain lakes.

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