Saturday, May 7, 2005

Between sessions, I often head up to the third level to sit on the couch. The sun came out strong for about an hour and a half. A dandy thing to have, a ten-story high south-facing window on a cool morning.

Out in front of that same view, Cliff Lodge, Snowbird.

The tram coming down from the mountain. I should have been on the next trip up, but I was too dern weary. Plus, after all, duty called.

A dear person got married yesterday, Emily Kimball Bigelow, now Emily Kimball Bigelow Marchant. Em married Josh, a very good friend to my good cousin, KC Burningham. I was able to make it to the reception in Salt Lake before heading back home to SpringTowne.
Good on both of them, and we wish them only the best.

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