Thursday, May 26, 2005

I post this while outside, watching the sun reflect brightly off of the Horseshoe, tending to a Sanpete turkey a-roasting on the Campchef. Tis good where I am presently.
Asher is doing adance on top of the picnic table, screaming at some injustice that he perceives and then smiling at me.
I suppose I should be at a meeting right now, but I forgot about it pretty well. As school winds down for summer, I have a hard time even thinking about other peripheral obligations.
Neato thing: Last time I was up in SLC, I stopped briefly at The Pie Pizzaria and got a small sample and a gray T-shirt to take home and wear. I wore it today, it makes me feel all youthful and flibbertigibbity. That's not bad the day before school lets out, so I'll run with that.

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