Thursday, May 5, 2005

Much to say about the presentations I went to this morning. One was the typically motivational keynote, presented by Hasan Davis. Nice guy with a nice approach to our population. I enjoyed his presentation and took a few notes and observations of my own. That's usually the barometer to whether or not my time is well spent during these things, the amount of cryptic blatherings vs. bored doodling I make during a session.
I also went to a presentation on the No Child Left Behind, UPASS and SB 145 conundrums. The gentleman behind the speech is the superintendent for the Salt Lake School District and is a veteran of Alternative High School teaching. This is a very rare person, and though I had a rough time following all the way through the morass of jargon and statistics, I really enjoyed his views. I fired off an email and talked to him after, so hopefully I'll get a bit more info and guidance in these areas.

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