Wednesday, May 11, 2005

school and rain

Rain continues to fall here in central Utah, and as the grass rises, so do my expectations of the sweet respite that awaits on the other side of this school year.
There was an uncomfortable silence at the staff meeting last week when our principal asked for people who wanted to teach a session or two of summer school. I was stone-silent and still while others fidgeted and glanced from side to side, but eventually a couple of people spoke up and relented to the pressure. I did not, and wouldn’t have even if my job would have depended upon it at that time.
Circumstances have since tempered my deepening level of aversion to being anywhere near this good school, but I am glad that trial has passed.
The kids are pretty excited to get out of here and there are more seniors scrambling for year-end credit than there have been for many a year. Most should make it, but I’m more than a little worried for a couple of them. We’ll probably be checking a bunch of work around the May twentieth senior deadline. Carpe diem!

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