Saturday, May 7, 2005

There is a sense of angst in my soul in relation to reality, more specifically, human perception of reality.
Our own role in continuing our threads and lines of perception is a subject open to much discussion. Too many eddies, vortices and tangents cross my own little sliver of consciousness. I have long seen people as basically good, but I see those who are at some level basically bad in their intent, or at least in my perception give much energy to their personal lust for power over others.
That lust for power seems to be the origin of many of these eddies that I see.
The Tao and Christ would have one flow with the natural currents of power and energy, using them for good purpose and ends that promote some kind of harmony. The gentle changes and adjustments in the course of human events and lives produced by this sort of use of personal and social power would be gradual and gentle.
In such an environment, steady growth and natural entropy is more given to progression and consentual modification.
Such would have each individual consciously manage one's own field of influence and grace. Repentance, healing and other positive change would be more simple and achievable by a higher percentage of people, and a greater level of social transparency would become possible.
How's that for a vague thread of malleable perception?

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