Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Audio Attempt!

I thought I'd try out my new microphone and 'Garage Band' setup this morning between assignments. Inasmuch that I don't have much recent recording or broadcasting experience and I don't have any confidence to speak of with the program, here's a reading of Little Gidding by the Old Guy, T.S. Eliot.
This will probably be a bit large and/or messy at first, but as I figure out the settings and such I'll get it whittled down to size and efficiency.
You can always turn it down or off if it gets reeeealy annoying...
Eah. I just decided to link to the file the good, old-oldfashioned way.

Little Gidding by TS Eliot


Amoniel said...

It worked well enough for me :)

dr. greg said...

I came by day, not knowing what I came for. It was a nice wander down poetry lane, by one of my favorite talkers and walkers and gawkers.