Friday, February 27, 2004

Everyone enjoys their own opinion. The internet is chock-full of narcissism, and I am not immune to the epidemic, as can be gleaned from this somewhat self-indugent verbal effluent so liberally flowing from my mind to the page.

I spend the day teaching and listening to people, each one with their own set of desires and hopes for their life. I help them with their writing skills, geography knowlege and Spanish acquisition. I get the opportunity to teach a class called 'Arts and Humanities,' in which i get to cover things as diverse as ceramic boat building and floating to Salvador Dali to Pablo Neruda. But these excercises are basically my opinions meshed with standards of curriculum and rules of usage.

My students express their own views too, sometimes quite forcefully and with some passion. I sometimes enjoy that, and others I just listen and intervene when things get too loud or disruptive for the school forum. My curriculum and methodology lends itself to self-expression and exploration, but sometimes I allow myself to forget the truth behind what I am trying to do. I get a bit too full of me, I reckon.

That comes a bit from the fact that I basically get to spout my own opinions all day. i must maintain some sort of decorum and semblance of rule of law in my classroom, if for nothing else, because that is how the "real" world works. I do not want to do my dear students any more disservice than I have to with my imperfections as a teacher.

But I love all of the subjects I teach, and at a real level all those I get to teach to.

I enjoy writing this little weblog in which I get to opine on this and that, interspersed with officially sanctioned links and graphics from here and there. every day for my family and anyone else who might stumble upon it.

Nevertheless, we each have our own views. Yours may be radically different from mine, but no less revered and reasoned. I hope that in my rush to write and express that I can stop to understand that I am one of a very great many, and that each has a lifetime of experience to share and reflect from.

But that is one of the great hopes for the world, no?

Onward, ho.

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