Tuesday, February 24, 2004

To have extraordinary things to say, one must do extraordinary things.

At some level, I believe this. When I sit down to put an entry into this blog, I automatically go over the events of the last hour, then three hours or so, then the past day, and so on.

People do outstanding things in spite of constraints put on them by energy and time.

I usually don't, I just stay around my spaces and take care of things that need to be done or rant on paper or electron-screens.

What results is usually writing that is very mundane, focused on introspection and the world immediately surrounding.

I experience cycles in my animation for life and writing. If one goes back and examines the highs and lows in my adventures and blog entry, it becomes pretty obvious.

The radical element in my life right now is our youngest, Asher. He doesn't have any strong schedule or cycles, and my sleep patterns are showing evidence of that. My energy level from day to day hinges to a large extent upon Asher's moods and nocturnal whims.

At any rate, the short to this long is: damn, I'm tired, Asher didn't sleep very well.

More later, perhaps...

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