Saturday, February 14, 2004

First thing this morning, cut and stack wood from down by the cemetery at seven thirty. I got home at around ten to be with the Valentine and the kids.

Brynni made me a little sachet stuffed with pine needles and sewed by hand. All by herself, I might add. Yes, I felt quite amazed and overwhelmed. Who wouldn't.

Ryan and I worked on learning to tie flies with his little brother, Matt. He's quite a natural and very talented at many things, luckily one of his talents happens to be something I would have a hard time devoting much time to repeated failure and disappointment. We ended up coming out of the session very happy with our efforts.

This evening we watched 'Fiddler on the Roof' as is our tradition at least once a year. There is nothing that quite matches that movie for content and beauty, I love it more every time we see it.

Afterwards, all the kids gathered around me to watch me tie my first completely solo fly. A royal coachman, as seen in the poor quality image below.

Not pro, but I think it'll work at some juncture. I am enjoying this lots, and it is a dandy little skill, too.

'Night, until tomorree.

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