Friday, February 27, 2004

What have I to show for this week of toil and labour? Three, now fully functional computers in my classroom (one raised from the dead,) two hastily tied flies for the students' perusal and example, a mountain of edited essays, a messy desk that has been cleaned completely at least twice this week, and the satisfaction of knowing I might have made some difference in a student's life if we're really lucky.

You need those brief pauses for inventory sometimes as a teacher, I am glad to be able to remember enough of this week to be able to note a few.

I got a new beret from France yesterday. I know of an British gent in the southeastern region of the country who agents for a factory there. They make beautiful berets for several resellers around France. Yeah, I know I have a few berets, and that I even have a blue one already, but the old one is worn out and the band broken in pieces. It doesn't take very much for me to rationalize a hat purchase, especially one from a grand old ethnic region like these berets.

As for the weekend, the snow looks like the largest factor keeping me from doing anything on a big scale, like heading down to Lee's Ferry to fish the Colorado or out to the Waterpocket Fold to gather the burnt-out ends of my days and winter-ways. So I'll probably sip chai, (a fine contemplative beverage) tie some more flies, and re-organize the cellar. And be glad of every minute, if I can help it.

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