Tuesday, January 20, 2004

After a trip like the one taken on Saturday, it's difficult to return to the regular thought process of blogging. I have to sit and process the day's events, feelings, weather and other stimuli and winnow through all that in order to find something that sparks my fancy.

Perhaps this is an indicator of my default mindset, but after such an experience as Saturday, I tend to compare my current feelings and environment to those felt in the field, on the trip and while reflecting on the experience. Because I have a rough time at times getting through the winter with my indoor job and windowless classroom, such a comparison makes me feel worse about my current lot, and I don't want to write about something as depressing as that.

That thought process should provide some insight into what you are delving into with this blog. Sheesh.

I fancy myself a deeply reflective person, I like to understand what is working behind the scenes in my mind and feelings. This blog is both a catylist and a outcome for that process, and I hope it spurs some of the same feelings and process in others.

I hope it brings about much happiness, as well.

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