Tuesday, January 27, 2004

One can only do what one can do. There is a reason that cliches become such, and that is usually because of a meaning or some desire it speaks to on a deeper level.

Words are made up of symbols, and in themselves become symbols. In some lanuages the words themselves are representative of that which they mean on a visual level, giving another level of symbology to humans, but that is rarely the case with English.

To many people, words become more than syllables and utterance giving body to our thoughts. Words become laughter, weeping, anger, and whatever emotions need vent. In that sense, words are an extension of ourselves, spirit made flesh to mingle with the thoughts of others.

At this time, there are people feeling who do not know how to make sense of those emotions, who might not know how to share them in order to understand what they mean in relation to fellow beings. Thoughts and emotions in that state can twist minds and wills, bending to become destructive or of wrong intent.

The exchange of those emotions and thoughts is a true adventure, because when they come back, they may have new life we never before imagined. Each of us are capable of ideas we have not yet conceived, afterall.

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